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Introduction: When growing cannabis at home, there are benefits and considerations to keep in mind when deciding between growing from a clone or a seed. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of each and discuss the ease of cultivation.

Growing From a Clone

Genetic Consistency

Clones are genetically identical replicas of the parent plant, ensuring consistency in traits such as potency, flavor, and growth characteristics.

Faster Flowering

Clones are typically already in the vegetative stage, allowing for a shorter overall growth cycle and faster flowering.

Elimination of Germination Risk

With clones, you bypass the germination stage, which can be challenging for beginners or those who want to minimize risks.

Preservation of Desired Traits

If you have a particularly desirable phenotype or strain, growing from a clone allows you to preserve those specific characteristics.


Growing From a Clone

Potential for Pests or Diseases

When using clones, there is a risk of inheriting any existing pests or diseases from the parent plant. Proper sanitation and preventive measures are crucial.

Limited Variety

Clones are limited to the genetics of the parent plant, so you may have fewer options for strain selection compared to starting from seeds.


Access to clones may be limited, depending on local laws and the availability of clone sources.

Growing From a Seed


Genetic Diversity: Starting from seeds allows for a wide range of genetic diversity, giving you the opportunity to explore different strains, flavors, and effects.

Healthier Start: Seeds have the potential to develop stronger taproots, leading to healthier plants overall.

Lower Risk of Inheriting Pests or Diseases: Seeds have a lower risk of carrying pests or diseases compared to clones, as they start fresh without any prior contamination.

Widely Available: Cannabis seeds are widely available through reputable seed banks, providing a vast selection of strains to choose from.


Longer Vegetative Stage: Seeds require a longer vegetative stage compared to clones since they need time to sprout, develop roots, and grow.

Genetic Variation: Starting from seeds introduces genetic variation, so each plant may exhibit slightly different characteristics even within the same strain.

Gender Identification: Seeds can produce both male and female plants, requiring the grower to identify and remove male plants to prevent pollination and seed development.

Germination Challenges: Germinating seeds can be tricky, requiring attention to factors such as temperature, moisture, and light conditions.

Ease of Cultivation: Growing from a clone is generally considered easier for beginners because clones are already established plants with a head start in growth. However, with proper research, equipment, and attention to detail, growing from seeds can also be a rewarding experience for novice growers.

In summary, growing from a clone offers genetic consistency, faster flowering, and the preservation of desirable traits. Growing from seeds provides genetic diversity, reduced risk of pests or diseases, and a wider range of strain options. The choice ultimately depends on personal preferences, availability, and the desired growing experience.

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