What to Do During the Final Weeks of the Blooming Phase of Your Cannabis Grow

During the final weeks of the blooming phase of your cannabis grow, there are several important steps you can take to optimize the development of your buds. Here’s a guide on what to do during this critical period.

Monitor Trichome Development

Keep a close eye on the trichomes using a magnifying tool or jeweler’s loupe. As mentioned before, the trichomes will change color from clear to milky/cloudy and, if desired, to amber. Determine the desired level of trichome maturity based on the effect you want to achieve and the strain you’re growing.

Adjust Light Intensity

Depending on the strain and specific needs of your plants, you may want to adjust the light intensity during the final weeks of blooming. Some growers opt to increase the light intensity to maximize bud development, while others slightly reduce it to avoid stressing the plants. Monitor the plants’ response and make adjustments accordingly.

Maintain Proper Nutrient Balance

During the final weeks of blooming, it’s important to maintain a balanced nutrient regimen. Reduce the nitrogen (N) levels and increase phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) levels to support bud development. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the specific nutrients you’re using, adjusting as needed based on the plants’ response.

Implement Flushing

Flushing is the process of feeding your plants with plain, pH-balanced water without any nutrients. Flushing helps remove any excess salts or residual nutrients from the growing medium, ensuring a cleaner and better-tasting final product. Start flushing a week or two before harvest, gradually increasing the amount of water used to flush.

Manage Humidity
and Temperature

Maintaining optimal humidity and temperature levels during the final weeks of blooming is crucial. High humidity levels can increase the risk of mold or mildew, while low humidity can cause the plants to dry out too quickly. Aim for a humidity level of around 45-55% and a temperature range of 65-75°F (18-24°C) to support the plants’ health and resin production.

Support Heavy Buds

As the buds develop and become heavier, they may require additional support to prevent branches from snapping or bending. Use plant stakes, trellises, or netting to help support the weight of the buds and promote even growth and light distribution.

Maintain Proper Air Circulation

Good airflow is crucial during the final weeks of blooming to prevent stagnant air and reduce the risk of mold or mildew. Ensure that there is adequate ventilation and airflow around the plants, but avoid direct drafts that can cause damage.

Regularly Inspect
and Clean Grow Space

Conduct regular inspections of your grow space to identify and address any potential issues. Keep the area clean and free from debris, dead leaves, or pests that could affect the quality of your buds. By following these steps during the final weeks of the blooming phase, you can optimize the development of your cannabis buds, enhance their potency and flavor, and ensure a successful harvest.

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