How to Know if the Seeds You Are Using Are Quality Seeds

When growing cannabis, there are several signs that can indicate whether a cannabis seed is of good quality or not. While it’s not always possible to determine the seed quality with 100% certainty, here are some indicators to look for during the germination and early growth stages.


Healthy cannabis seeds generally have a dark brown, gray, or black color with a hard and intact outer shell. Avoid seeds that are light green, pale, or have visible cracks or damage. A healthy seed should have a smooth and glossy surface.

Size and Shape

Good quality seeds are typically round or oval in shape and have a plump, robust appearance. Avoid seeds that are too small, immature, or unusually shaped, as they may have lower viability.


Gently press the seed between your fingers. Good quality seeds will feel firm and solid. Avoid seeds that are too soft, as they may indicate poor viability.


Quality cannabis seeds are generally heavier and denser. If you have multiple seeds of the same strain, compare their weight. Heavier seeds are more likely to be viable and healthy.

Float Test

Fill a glass with water and gently place the seeds in it. Observe whether the seeds sink or float. Good quality seeds will usually sink to the bottom of the glass, while seeds that float may indicate poor viability.

Germination Rate

Germination rate refers to the percentage of seeds that successfully sprout. If a high percentage of your seeds germinate and develop into healthy seedlings, it’s a positive indication of good seed quality.

Vigorous Germination

Healthy seeds will typically germinate within a reasonable timeframe, usually within a few days. Look for seeds that show signs of vigorous germination, such as a strong taproot emerging from the seed.

Seed Age and Storage

Fresh seeds are more likely to have higher viability. Seeds that have been properly stored in a cool, dark, and dry environment will have a better chance of germination compared to old or poorly stored seeds.

Keep in mind that while these indicators can provide some insight into seed quality, they are not foolproof. Even if a seed shows signs of good quality, there is always a possibility that it may not develop into a healthy plant due to other factors such as environmental conditions or genetic issues.

In summary, look for cannabis seeds that have a healthy appearance, appropriate size and shape, firmness, and weight. Conducting a float test can also provide some indication of seed viability. However, the best way to ensure a successful grow is to source seeds from reputable breeders or seed banks known for providing high-quality and genetically stable seeds.

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