Do You Want Us to Germinate Your Seeds for You and Then Send Them to You?

  • Remove the worry of germinating your seeds.  
  • Your seeds come ready to be planted directly into soil. 
  • Your germinated seeds come in a soil rooter that enhances your plants root growth  
  • Shave off some 12 days on your total grow time 
  • Your seeds arrive in a quality (reinforced plastic grow dome) 
  • Buy from $28.70 up to (6) Plants

Expertly Germinated Seeds

Buy your seeds with a head start. We will deliver your pre-germinated seeds within in a soil rooter and shipped in an environmental climate controlling dome. Pick from any of our seed to have this enhanced pre-germination service benefits.

A Better Start: Grow Your

Seeds into a Rapid Rooter

Arrives in Grow Dome for
Continued Growth and Added Support

Removes up to

16 Days for FASTER Grow Time

Receive Peace of Mind
with Growing Seedlings!

Service cost: $28.70 per order (up to 6 plants),

Time: 72-hours, Extra shipping and packing fee: $12.50

1: Seed

2: Germinated seed/ready to ship

3: Germinated seed delivered to customer

Receive Peace of Mind

with Growing Seedlings!

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