Purchase Premium Nutrient Rich Soils and Super Soil and Supper Items

Introduction: When planning on growing cannabis it’s important to plant your seeds in the highest quality nutrient rich environment, we strongly recommend you match your seed with the best possible organic soils, nutrients and super soils for an optimal yield.  We recommend using a nutrient rich soil that will be able to manage the demands of the most extreme growing environment.

What is Super Soil and why should you use it?

CaliSuperSoil is a perfectly balanced, 90-day fermented artisanal super soil that is suitable for both photoperiod and autoflowering strains. Formulated through years of research and development, resulting in an optimal organic blend that’s unmatched. Our super soil is built from an 18+ amendment blend that ensures that your crop thrives from seedling all the way to harvest. This comprehensive nutrient-layered soil is designed to make growing as easy as possible, eliminating the need to frequently mix nutrients or add supplements.

What are the benefits?

Growing cannabis in a demanding artificial environment requires an enhanced nutrient solution to aid in the growth of a modern cannabis grow, The demands of a modern grow are very different to an outdoors natural grow.

  • Cali Super Soil offers approximately 800% more nutrients availability to your plant’s roots than regular potting soil
  • Superior Ingredients: Through our selection of the best organic soil amendments the state of California has to offer, we can guarantee that every bag of CaliSuperSoil contains only the highest-quality nutrients direct from mother nature.
  • An Artisanal Process: We steam-blow our base soil to ensure purity and hydration at the molecular level before the fermentation period begins.
  • Aged: They say ‘Good things come to those who wait’. But who has time to wait these days? We do, for 60 days, and it makes all the difference. If you are looking for a super soil solution bursting with billions of living micro-organisms just waiting to get to work, we are here to provide!
  • No Fillers: Our products are 100% free of any low-grade mixing fillers. Competing products are often manufactured from, less expensive, non-organic ingredients that can actually cause more harm than good.
  • Expertly Hand-Crafted: Super Soil is a living product. That is why every single bag of CaliSuperSoil is expertly hand-crafted, you will only find experienced horticulturists working “hands-on” with our products to ensure the highest standards, industry-wide.

What should I buy to manage my grow?

  • Cloth Pots – 3,5 or 7 gallon pots – the bigger the pot the bigger the plants/grow cycle but the slower it will grow.
  • Fermented Calisupersoil: Extrema nutrient filled soil: Around x800 time more potent than regular potting soil.
  • CaliSuper Soil – 6lb bag
  • CaliSuper Soil – Premixed pots: 3 or 5-Gallon
  • Fox Farm soil, ocean forest – strong dependable soil to enhance your grow: 1.5 SU.FT
  • Rapid rooters: Early seedling root enhancing with growth nutrients: 5 pack

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