Autoflower Seeds

Our Autoflower seeds are meticulously selected and of impeccable quality, we only stock the best quality seeds for our cannabis seed bank. We have decades of experience and collaboration with cannabis seed experts that firmly places us at the forefront of the cannabis revolution.

Seeds From California seeds appeal to different types of consumers due to their distinct flavor profile, array of effects, and reliable growth tendencies. Whether you’re looking for a soaring high THC level plant, a mellow flavorful strain, or just balanced hybrids, Seeds From California has a large bank of cannabis seeds to meet your needs.

We are one of the only seed companies that retail commercial grade seeds, and cannabis users covet seeds that come from Seeds from California for their decadent flavors, trusted genetics, fantastic yields, and epic THC or CBD levels.

The Seeds From Cali seed bank boasts the most extensive collection of high-grade cannabis seeds nationwide. We’re a prime source of weed seeds, equipment, and information on all aspects of cultivation. Catering to the wide-ranging needs of private and commercial growers alike, our cannabis seed bank has it all.