HPS Lights: The Classic Light for Indoor Growing

HPS Lights: The Classic Light For Indoor Growing Introduction: HPS lights are the traditional staple of growing indoors. Growing indoors is one of the first choices many have when their state legalizes. When you put the overall cost of doing it yourself versus the overall cost of purchasing at your local retail store, the numbers […]

LED VS HPS Grow Lights

LED VSHPS Grow Lights What lights do professional growers use? Crops require at least 5,000 lumens of light to mature and produce a satisfactory harvest. In addition to lumen output, cultivators also make their decisions based on setup and operational costs. Here’s a breakdown of LED Grow Lights vs HPS. Can LED Replace HPS? A […]

Fluorescent vs LED Grow Lights

Fluorescent vsLED Grow Lights Fluorescent grow lights produce a combination of light spectrums aimed at promoting photosynthesis. They also allow the plants to achieve maximum height since they emit low heat compared to High-Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights.  Do these features make fluorescent a suitable alternative to LEDs? Here’s a complete breakdown of LED vs […]