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BAT GUANO 7-3-1 6LB. Bag

NATURAL FERTILIZERS AND MINERALS: Ring Organic’s Dried Bat Guano 7-3-1 is a natural fertilizer mined from caves in Indonesia using sustainable practices and quality control procedures. This premium product contains nitrogen which contributes to rapid green growth, phosphate to support root growth and flowering, and potash to build strong stems. Low-analysis, natural fertilizers such as RO Dried Bat Guano increase beneficial soil microbe populations and improve soil structure by making hard pan soils more friable and light soils denser, improving water-holding capacity. RO Dried Bat Guano 7-3-1 can be incorporated into soil, compost, or potting mixes; it can be brewed into a tea for use in drip irrigation or foliar application.

  • Contains 7% nitrogen, 3% phosphorous and 1% potash for healthy, green plants
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Builds soil microbial populations which feed your plants steadily for consistent growth
  • A natural fertilizer to help to build soil structure, saving you time and labor
  • Versatile and easy to use, allowing for multiple types of application


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What makes our CaliSuperSoil Single ingrediency unique verse our competitors?
  • No Low-cost Fillers: Our products are without low-grade mixing fillers.
  • 100% Natural: Best of what nature has to offer.
  • Constantly sized granules: Delivers better absorption rates and aids growth.
  • Packed fresh: our products are a natural solution that will work best with your plants – no highly processed products or artificial coloring.
When you need the best Nutrients for your cultivation requirements, CaliSuperSoil has what you need for the perfect well-balanced grow. Our products are designed to be as functional as possible and deliver larger produce yields and a healthier and happier soil environment. The CaliSuperSoil family of products includes protein meals, mineral products, and homogenous complete natural fertilizers. Our products are all OMRI Listed, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture Organic Input Materials Program registered.

FREE Shipping For Orders Over $99

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  • Fill your growroom with aromas of home.
  • Indica-dominant and a super-potent 22% THC.
  • Apple with citrus undertones for a comforting toke.
  • 18oz of weed per seed, even for newbies!
  • She’s already a classic.


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