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Included are all the items our customers have found useful to support their home grow operation and harvest. We’ve included the highest quality support items to complement your Bud Grower Kit!

    • Soil pH monitor
    • Premium Green light protective sunglasses with protective holder
    • Magnification glass (60x)
    • Cannabis Grinder
    • TBG branded long-armed gardening gloves
    • (2x) Grow nets – 3×4 and 2×4 (flexible for all tent sizes)
    • Brahma leather gardening gloves
    • Watering spray bottle
    • (4x) Self-watering bulbs
    • Plant-stem clamps for plant training (up to 30% extra yield)


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Everything needed to start a new grow cycle or add to your current operation! This kid includes 5-gallon fabric pots which promote root growth and vinyl trays. Germination plugs and domes speed up the process and give your plant a strong start! Soil pH, moisture, and a light meter to easily monitor your plant’s needs. Hanging rack included to conveniently cure your harvest.
  • 2x 12 cell germination domes
  • 10x Rapid Rooter germination plugs
  • 6x 5-gallon breathable fabric pots
  • 6x 12″ plant inch saucers
  • Soil pH monitor
  • Collapsible Breathable Mesh Herb Drying Rack

FREE Shipping For Orders Over $99

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  • Fill your growroom with aromas of home.
  • Indica-dominant and a super-potent 22% THC.
  • Apple with citrus undertones for a comforting toke.
  • 18oz of weed per seed, even for newbies!
  • She’s already a classic.


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