Growing  Support Items

We’ve received feedback from our customers outlining some items that could be helpful to support their home grow efforts. We’ve gone ahead and compiled the items below to have them readily available to make things even more convenient for our customers!

Helper Kit





Quality Items

This section is designed for customers who would like to upgrade, reload, expand, or piece together their own kit! Our team of grow experts has sourced the best soils, tents, grow lights, fans, filtration, and supporting grow essentials.

Full Support

These items are designed to work with our existing kits and give customers the peace of mind with support items for their kits that will work properly.


Support items designed to complement your home grow kit and home grow experience.

Everything fits and works perfectly in unison to aid with your home grow efforts.

Grower' Helper Kit

Included are all the items our customers have found useful to support their home grow operation and harvest. We’ve included the highest quality support items to complement your Bud Grower Kit!


Filtration System

Premium filtration components for your grow kit with 15,000 hour lifespan! Helps manage odors and the internal temperature of your tent to allow your plants to thrive in a clean and hospitable environment!


Seedling Kit

Everything needed to start new or add to your current grow! Everything is included to increase your germination success rate and give your plant a strong, healthy start!


Grow Lights

On occasion, our customers want to upgrade or expand their grow. Included here are all the light units we have to offer! These lights are specially manufactured for our kits and cannot be found anywhere else! Our expert growers have collaborated with reputable manufacturers to supply top quality light units with proven results!


Grow Tents

Not all grow tents are born equal! Our tents are built to IOS 2020 HULK manufacturing standard with 670D reflective mylar interior. Hand stitched, heavy duty zippers, military grade canvas for long lasting durability! The need for a second grow tent is naturally the next step in expanding any home grow. Included here are the four most popular sizes of our grow tents. We do have other sizes available! If you’re looking for something specific, please contact us for more information!